Monday, August 13, 2012


We find our little friend looking at the garden wondering where to go on an adventer. "Oh I know!" said bubbley, "I'll go where the wind takes me!" *face palm* So are little explorer set off on another adventure. "yay the forest!" bubbley yelled with joy, and leaped into watering hole. after a little swim(6 hours) she started off again. she ran and ran (stopped to smell the flowers) and ran and than she saw something shiny. she picked it up and found that it was a peacha berry!
"mmm YUMMY!" bubbley said greedily. she nibbled on it and started on again. after walking a bit, she saw the biggest log ever! thinking of putting her head inside it she saw a short stubby stick.
she really wanted the stick, so she climbed on top of the log and she kicked the stick off, with one kick! she nibbled on the pecha berry a bit more and set off again. she was running a bit and heard a russle in the bush. she kicked a leaf on the bush and than a loud welp cried out "ODDISH!!" a little scared she looked behind the bush and saw small blue feet. "hello?" asked bubbley shaking. an odd pokemon shed seen in the drawings of her trainer popped out of the bush. "Hi! I'm oddie, but who and what are you?" said oddie. "I'm bubbley, an oshowat!" bubbley told oddie proudly. "hey! do you want to play?" asked oddie nicely. "sure!" so they played and than oddie ran off. So bubbley set off and went to the tree of dreams. "dumb sign." mumbled bubbley as she put her pecha berry in the tree. "stupid tree" she said under her breath. She kicked the tree hard, and something hit her on the head! It was a rainbow colored fruit!
I tasted like how a rainbow looks, wonderful. She ran home to tell trainer, but the fruit was gone when she got home. she had lost it on the way! what will happen next time on BUBBLEY ADVENTURE

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  1. Wow, this is a really cute,good story. good job ^D^ want to see more