Tuesday, July 31, 2012

poké dreams!

HEY PEEPS! yea post'n today! heads up: A LOT of pics today! guess again, POKEMON DREAM WORLD!!!! An epic wold of pokemon dreams.
My little espeon went in today, we did a lot of cool stuff, and here's a pic of him.
YES it is a boy! you go to lots of places. here are the most likely places you'll go, and some random pokemon you'll meet!
misdreavus, spooky manor
trapinch, rugged mountain
lickitung, pleasent forest. so you also play mini games to get pokemon, AND I did someting realy cool on the ice cream game!
OMG over one hundered inches
YAY EPICNESS! when your done playing than you go to the tree of dreams,
to make pokemon go to your game! If you want to find out more GOOGLE IT!! luv, boogiewoman! <3

Monday, July 30, 2012

Cool pokemon stuff!

WOW! It's been forever, and I'm a HUGE liar! I say I'm back, I'm not. WELL GUESS WHAT Y'ALL! THIS TIME I AM COMING BACK WITH NEW IDEAS AND STUFF!!!! Now back to the blog! So guess what. . . POKEMON!!! I'm talk'n website stuff! The coolest thing going on right now is the power bracket, legendary pokemon going head to head in voting.
Ya, awesome rigt? but the coolest part is going to happen right after. . . these commercial brakes! LOL just like T.V.! But ya! there is something cooler. It's this.
Yes, Hot Topic, (the best graphic T store EVER!) will make a tee of the winning pokemon! HERE ARE THE STANDINGS: Mew winning over Deoxys, Groudon over Ho-Oh, Lugia over Latias, and Rayquaza, over Palkia! Post a comment and tell me if you think I'm really here to stay or not! Luv, boogiewoman!