Monday, February 8, 2010

Birthday Solutions Continued!

Ok, you know how I said I was going to post again really soon?

Ok, so here's another thing that happened on my birthday. I had a BIG surprise party! I also told everyone at my school that I wasn't going to have a party this year.

Ok, so I also got Wizard101 crowns. Now I know I haven't talked about this with you, but it's a cool game. Most of you people who read my blog are friends with friendly, and if you aren't, here's a link to his blog. I love spending time with him.

Yes I have a new ice wizard, and um I used to play this real hard, and I also have a level 50 something, I forgot what they were called. Oh and um, I just love my blog. I don't know what to write. so I'll be doing this soon again, after I come up with more ideas.

See you later!

Your friend, Boogiewoman.

Birthday Solutions

It was my birthday on the 5th, sorry I didn't make a post right then!

I wanted to tell you something really exciting! I have a friend in real life who is on Moshi Monsters with me. Her name is BoogieG, and she was room of the week! She got like 1,000 friend invites! And, since I'm her friend, I got like 100 friend invites too!

Ok, that's it for this blog post. I'll have another post soon. Really soon! Just like in a few minutes soon!

Your friend, Boogiewoman.