Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hi Everyone I'm back again. You might be thinking this is going to be about Wizard101, Webkins, or Moshi Monsters, BUUUUTT I've got something new for you CDE! Well this isn't actually new cause it has been around a while, but I have rediscovered it and I am really liking it a lot lately! CDE stands for Cartoon Doll Emporium and it ROCKS!
SO you start out as nothing really. But you can get free clothes that are already there and put them on your avatar. But I like to buy clothes and I'll explain how to buy them later.
SO this is MY avatar after I bought clothes!

Ok... now is later! So here's how you earn the money to buy your SUPER stylish new look! You play games like this

This is the best game but there are a TON of games on CDE! I like this one the best cause you get boys to fall in love with you LOL! What could be more fun than that!

There's also another way to earn CD's (cartoon dollars). So I should tell you that now and then that'll explain why its called Cartoon Doll Emporium. It's to Dress up dolls! There are SO many dolls and styles to choose from! Some of my favorites are the Halloween Dolls cause I like dressing up vampires! LOL! But today this girl caught my eye.

After you play your games and earn a lot of CD's you might want to buy some clothes, faces, jewelry and maybe some hair styles. And really BLING out your avatar!
Here are some of the options you will have to do this!

And you can make friends..... AND that's where you girls come in! I NEED FRIENDS! SO... if you sign up make sure you put in my user name as the person who recommended this to you .... My user name is beeT ! And if I am not your friend after that just go to your friends list and click on the search friend option and put in my user name!
Now all you girls go sign up! And have a lot of fun!

Cya later Wiz fans ... soon to be CDE fans!