Friday, January 1, 2010

Twistmas Update and Webkins!

Sorry it's been so long! How was your Christmas everybody? OH! And Happy New Year too!

So, updates on Moshi Monsters . . . hmmm

Oh yeah, I got a new moshling thanks to my mom. It's snookums the dinosaur!

I got this cool Moshi Monster shirt for Christmas! It has a picture of my character on it (without the right colors on). I'm going to wear it to school and show off. ;-) It needs to be washed though. I can't show it off until it's clean!

And I've been playing webkins since I got two new webkins for Christmas. Check them out:

Sad story. I use to have an old webkins account, but I forgot my username and password.

Anyway, when you check out my blog, please put your username for webkins. I'm a little short on friends there, but I've been playing competitions.

My username on webkins is Boogiewoman01 because Boogiewoman was already taken.

One more thing. I also got a Tomagatchi. IT'S DIED TWO TIMES ALREADY, but now it's on its third go. Pretty good so far. Now I know how to pause.

That's mostly it!