Monday, August 6, 2012


It's time for "bubbley adventer" this is bubbley
she like's to on adventers! here's ep 1! today i'm going to the pleasent forest. I Turned down playing with wailord. Then I walked to a clearing by the lake and found some fruit! than I met a likitung that asked me to help him but I said no. than I hoped on a log and got stuck in the log! In an hour or two I got out! I whent left next. I saw a something shake I checked it out and a boy Nidoran who's name Gamer whant'ed to fly with me, I can't fly but I said yes! We flew realy fast and became friends!
then I went on with the adventer! I saw a sparkle agian, and found a berry, walked a bit more and found a berry agian! only three more rests and my adventer is over! I ran into a stantler and he also whanted to fly, but I said no. I did it I made it to The Tree of Dreams! I wanted to put my head in that nice big hole! BUT NO I had to put a berry in and not my head!!
Well my adventers over, bye,bye! will bubbley stop being so lame? and tell good storys? find out next time on. . .BUBBLEY ADVENTERS

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