Sunday, March 28, 2010

Real World Versus Computer World

You know I said a post really really soon? Well, here you go!

Now, I got this idea yesterday, and it's that I went to an aquarium and I got a seahorse doll (so did my brother). My seahorse reminded me of my Moshi Monster pet (called a moshling, because you MUST have read the post that I made about my first moshlings). I don't remember is Stanley was one of them, but this looks like Stanly the seahorse, so here's a comparison between my seahorse and Stanley the Seahorse.

Please post a comment on my blog!

I'm going to also put up a poll to see which worldy moshling should be ultra rare.


  1. I think those two seahorses look nothing alike....LOL! Just kidding... pretty good match there boogiewoman!!

  2. That was a great idea! Nice seahorse doll and moshling!

  3. Wow, they sorta do look alike, great find, and thx for adding me :).

  4. Hey, Blaze Silverfist here. (I'm one of your dad's biggest fans) So I thought I'd come check out YOUR blog. I started playing Moshi Monsters the other day when your dad posted about it again. My owner name is 1Mudkip88. Please add me. :D